About Jamie Howard

Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Jamie Howard is dedicated to providing compassionate and when necessary, aggressive Family Law services to San Diego residents and their families.  She is here to assist you no matter how simple or complex your Family Law issue.

Our Approach

When going through a divorce, child custody or child support issues, the last thing that anyone needs is to have to worry about the legal aspects of the process. The emotional strain and the reality of everything (for example: having to change your residence, dealing with the children and even perhaps restarting your working career from scratch!) are going to take up enough of your time.

This is where I come in.  As your divorce attorney, I will not make your life more complicated. On the contrary, my goal is to do everything I can to make things easier for you during your divorce or other family law issues.

Let our family law firm worry about ensuring that you end up feeling justified and happy with your divorce settlement and that the results achieved were in your best interests.   If your matter is contested, we will concern ourselves with the correspondence sent to you by your spouse’s divorce lawyer.  We will sift through and explain all of the legal jargon for you every step of the way.  Then we will make it our mission to help you achieve your goals, whether that requires us battling aggressively in the court room or negotiating a fair settlement.

The attorneys at Jamie Howard Law are highly experienced, trained in all aspects of family law and 100% committed to providing you peace of mind results that will protect you, your children and your assets.


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Areas of Practice

Family Law Attorney Practice Areas There will be many questions that you have regarding the process of your divorce and other family law issues. I am here to help you with some basic information. Call for a free consultation. 619.244.8588 Divorce Uncontested Divorce: The Process Contested Divorce: The Process Child Custody and Visitation Child Support Modifications …

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